Lee Lee Scatoloni has herpes! – New York

Lee Lee Scatoloni (Leanna Scatoloni) is a prostitute I recently broke up with as this slut dog that has Herpes and HPV like an infected whore who wasn’t woman enough to keep me around even though she used to swallow all my sperm lol. As you know this bitch is known as most white women for dating men and not telling them she has a disease infected herpes infected pussy! Lee Lee Scatoloni had a filthy disgusting stretched out and deformed pussy that is broken (she can only come by rubbing her clit as she cannot cum like a regular woman just by getting her twat rammed!). And her dick sucking skills were not enough for me to stick around and be her boyfriend, even though she loves to swallow sperm! This dog is known all over the internet for not telling men that she dates that she has multiple STDs like a crack whore lmao! She keeps a pathetic nigerian immigrant male friend around named Frank who she used to get fucked and rammed by at Clark College. Lee Lee Scatoloni likes to talk about Frank non-Stop like she’s on the autism spectrum or just obsessed with Black dick like a stupid white whore! And she would swallow buckets of cum in Clark University smh with the rest of the white female pieces of shit to pay for college and her books. While men have to work harder in America and can’t be prostitutes like white female dogs! Thank God woman are whores and not men! And most of her male friends have fucked her like a prostitute! And this stupid dumb bitch gets humped and dumped like most females should be in America! So the only garbage boys she keeps in touch with are dudes that used to ram her diseased pussy, diseased mouth, and diseased asshole. Cause all dudes do is hump and dump this piece of shit! Her real name is Leanna Scatoloni and she is not just the “town bicycle” but she’s the “world bicycle” as she has traveled the world getting bent over like a prostitute dog and got plowed and rammed like a good American female white dog. But yeah Leanna is a bike like how in many countries that have bikes that everyone takes turn riding on! Leanna and her best herpes infected friend Melissa Nieman have sold their asses all over the world like white girls just like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus, who may not always sell their ass but they definitely show their ass to make that money like a white dog and a female dog who’s inferior to all men! Especially when Lee Lee Scatoloni aka Leanna Scatoloni used to live in Spain and visited Cuba multiple times! Don’t forget in Spain men are allowed to whip out their dicks which is illegal in America but Leanna and her friend Melissa used to suck all those dicks as they were a prostitutes in Spain and all over the world and that’s how they could afford to travel the world! Leanna Scatoloni has a college degree but she still is a prostitute that sells her “holes” just to travel the world since she was a little girl! This racist white bitch doesn’t even like fucking white boys! She only likes black cock but then again this bitch isn’t even worth raping. Her pussy is broken! She has to play with her clit so she can cum (her gross twat doesn’t work properly any more from getting banged by too many random men in college and around the world!) And her ugly twat is stretched out and may be the most disgusting malformed looking twat on the face of the planet Earth! This white bitch got a big ass but she’s a piece of trash. If you want to have sex with a lying piece of shit and human garbage please reach out to Leanna Scatoloni! Thank God men have options to fuck gorgeous young chicks and not ugly old retarded-looking white bitches like Lee Lee Scatoloni aka Leanna Scatoloni. I’m just happy I cheated on this stupid ugly dumb racist white bitch so many times between her swallowing my cum! Leanna definitely knows how to suck dick as like an American prostitutes she has sucked so many cocks around the world as she loves to go on vacation like so many white prostitutes/ girls! This bitch has been going to Cuba (with her ugly dog face friend Melissa Neiman) since she was 18 which is against the federal government laws but this bitch likes to break a lot of laws with her friend Melissa Nieman! Also dating this bitch for a short time she had multiple herpes outbreaks and multiple urinary tract infections in her ugly filthy disgusting disease infected prostitute pussy! And the stench of her cunt when she has an out break makes the entire house smell like dog shit!

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