Elijah Jordan Rivera who resides in chicago il

There is this guy i knew who was in a marine branch in California in 2015 to 2016 and who one of my close girlfriends used to date and also two guys i know who dated and his name is Elijah Jordan Rivera who is 21 years old and is Puerto Rican and has a muscular build and is 5 foot 5 inches tall and who lives in Chicago IL on the far north side near the brickyard mall and attended a charter high school in wicker park which is on the north side of Chicago and graduated in 2014 and afterwords attended college and played sports briefly in southern Illinois. He fucks around with so many different women and men without protection and has syphilis and herpes of the mouth and genitals and gives oral sex like its going out of style and lies to all his partners about his history of sexual partners and pays for local male prostitutes in Humboldt park and Englewood and fox lake and also paid for prostitutes during his stint in the marines in California. His lists of partners include his homeboy’s girlfriends and his platonic female friends boyfriends and he will do anything and suck anybody off to make money and does not care who he hurts in the end. He cheated on his ex fiance with many of his exes behind her back and has a hatred for women and calls them all sorts of derogatory names and he is very sexist and a control freak. When you don’t see him for many days ladies and gentleman he is out here paying for a good time girl or guy to satisfy all his nasty and perverse sexual needs. He is one of the horniest and most sexually fluid and sadistic persons who has demonic sexual practices and worships the church of Satan and is into devil worship. Also he is a heroin addict and a cocaine user who has popped molly’s and smokes like a chimney and is an extreme alcoholic who is a party animal and provides sexual favors for potential jobs and advances he is seeking in life. Also he is very physically and verbally abusive to his partners who are women and calls them thots and whores and sluts and has slapped and spit on his girlfriends and ex fiance and said women are only good for one thing and that is to open their legs and suck his dick. Also he has a tantrum whenever you refuse him anything and believes your pussy or asshole belongs to him and only him and forces you to do sexual acts which are degrading and humiliating. If you see this man look out because because he is an extreme narcissist and sociopath who is only out for himself and does not care who he hurts to get ahead. He has a history of violent fights and has an extremely dangerous and volatile temper and is very obsessive and possessive as soon as he is in a relationship with you and is extremely jealous of his partner’s accomplishments and friends. Being with him can get you put 6 feet under in a casket before your time. Warning to all good women and men to stay safe out here with men like this who roam the streets to pray on innocent victims and their insecurities.

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