Yesenia Delbrey Yesi Lovens McKinney Fiesta Auto Sales HIV positive

Yesenia Delbrey is a F-A-T, ugly,nasty, unfit mother. Every guy she with end up behind bars. She make Maylene lie that guys touched her to get them arrested after they sober up and reject Yesenia. Tried to reinvent herself as Yesi Lovens, tho everyone knows what she is. The nice girl act failed just like her terrible dye job. Bleach blond does not match her skin. Yesenia haul her baby daddy to court to get $25 per hour in child support for Maylene and the retarded son. Yesenia try to extort men customers at Fiesta Auto Sales for sex or repo & arrest. Don’t ship there. Word around town is Yesenia Benitez Delbrey is HIV positive. Get yo self checked and avoid the Fat ugly pig. Yesenia should work on losing weight and retiring the cankles, not photoshopping photos to appear thin. Anyone who sees her is disgusted by her 400 pounds. Ain’t nobody jealous of her, unless they weigh 401 pounds. Yesenia is bipolar and schizophrenic. She Crazy, fat, ugly and causes Kennedy curse on men she with. Anyone with a brain would avoid her gross ass n all her chins n fat rolls.

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