Yajun Fang

Yajun Fang was my ex lover born in July, 22, 1971. She was a whore looking for guys with benefits. She has had failed marriages that hs been involved in her cheating on her spouses. She aborted twice. While I would be away and she’ll be online trying to meet other guys or out being a sX.

She is a liar and a bastard. She spreads her STDs and moves on to the next victim. She lies about her disease and everything and doesn’t care! I warn anyone who considers having sex with her to NOT do it and anyone who has ever had sex with her to get full STD testing. If you know of anyone who has had sex with her, contact them and urge them to get tested! She needs to be STOPPED from spreading this disease!
website: http://web.mit.edu/yjfang/www/

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  1. Omg a carbon copy of Lauren smeke who has infected men all over nyc

  2. Geoffrey Gallo // March 22, 2016 at 7:04 am // Reply

    Yajun Fang is an angel of the finest character humanly possible.
    She is only wonderful.

  3. See butthurt is strong with you sir u think McMahon would be over it by now. I heard prep h I’d good for rectal pain

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