William lee Brown from Kerrville tx

William lee Brown, goes by Lee in kerrville tx is knowingly spreading chlamydia and doesn’t care who he infects. He has also been tested for hiv and is awaiting his results which are more than likely positive as well. He has no regard for women and no respect. He has unprotected sex with anyone who doesn’t know this information and will sleep with him. Also Lee is an iv drug user who injects meth and heroine and shares and uses dirty needles. If you care about yourself at all you will get tested if you’ve been with him at any point in the last few months since his release from 7 years in prison. He won’t tell you he’s infected so do yourself a favor. DO NOT HAVE ANY TYPE OF SEXUAL CONTACT WITH HIM OR YOU WILL END UP INFECTED AS WELL. I WOULD SUGGEST WOMEN IN THE HILL COUNTRY AREA GET TESTED. THIS INCLUDES KERRVILLE, INGRAM, CENTER POINT, COMFORT, BANDERA, BOERNE, HUNT, HARPER, MOUNTAIN HOME, SAN ANTONIO AND SURROUNDING AREAS

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