WebActivism.com is a FRAUD SCAM EXTORTION website

WebActivism.com is a FRAUD SCAM EXTORTION website Web Activism WebActivist #webactivism and the owner is a pathetic loner who has STDs and STIs including AIDS and HIV

WebActivism.com is a fraudulent website

Re: https://www.webactivism.com

This website is instrumental in unlawful activities that include harassment, intimidation, dissemination of personal information, etc. This website (webactivism.com) that is a fraudulent site that purports to be a public service (i.e. cleverly masquerading itself as a legitimate public interest website) — but in reality, this an extortion based website that posts content that is defamatory, false, shaming (revenge porn), etc. and through its third-party subsidiaries, they demand hefty payment for content to be taken down to have posts removed. This is blatant extortion and law enforcement should not allow these dubious parties to carry out their acts unscathed by way of executing such fraudulent schemes.





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