Walker Stone is a low life, creep, pathological liar, manipulator, cheater who has nasty STDs

Beware the dog! Walker Stone is a low life, creep, pathological liar, manipulator, cheater who has nasty STDs . Walker Stone in an UNEMPLOYED LOSER who was FIRED from MEM Architecture.
He lives in Pacific Heights, San Francisco, and masturbades to his Mormon roommate.

He cant tell anything thats truth and his whole life is completely fabricated. Everything that comes out of his ugly mouth is pure lies and BS!

I found out “Walker Stone ” was on tons of dating sites/apps and meeting up Asian transsexuals, to who he offered money in exchange of sex. He regularly goes to the cheap brothels in Chinatown, as I found he saved in his contacts the email adress of brothel “WS86M”. He added on Instagram the Big ASS, BIG TITTY Whores, Nasty Asian ladyboys. I contacted one of them, a Thai ladyboys on his Instagram who told me he met Walker Stone from The League and had unprotected sex.
When I confronted him with this evidence, he said that the tranny was fat and gross…so thats tell you how much a hypocrite is that loser! sick coward!
And he had to admit all these ladyboys on facebook, he cheated with them.

Walker Stone has developed “yellow fever” and Fat girl fever @kris_kiss, @mini.miims, @walkerpstone from being constantly rejected when he was young and now he has Asian fetish because he knows that Asian migrants in poor countries are not fussy and only interested in getting a VISA.

Some of the tranny he cheated with? @kris_kiss, @mini.miims, @jo_elfie, @lizzieboyle, @shecantri and many more.

I just had to google his online Walker P Stone to find his secret social medias profiles and dating profiles. He even got a secret instagram profile just to contact and solicit sex with Asian prostitutes.
You can see his ugly face on every sites : this dog is prowling Asian prostitutes because he cant score in real life!

The worst is that he even contacts very young minors, children that he grooms to have sex with him.
Walker Stone who is from Auburn, Alabama is a sicko, sexual deviant, sexual pervert, and physical abuser of women who also happens to be into child pornography as well.

This is a known fact concerning Walker Stone who was fired from MEM Architecture, and frequents General Assembly.
Walker Stone routinely visits the brothels in Chinatown and spend every waking hour online soliciting sex with prostitutes and try to groom underage children to have sex with him !

Walker Stone even spent 6 months in Germany, Turkey in just for sex tourism.
This wretched, dirty, filthy, nasty, sick-minded, and evil man must be exposed for his corrupt, depraved, vile, and scandalous ways that some people including his employers (currently) are unaware of. It is time that all become aware of the sinister and malicious doings of Walker Stone and this report intends to indeed do so.

He is nearly 31 years old, lives in a crap flatshare. He has to pay ugly prostitutes for sex, but he cant even afford high class escorts so he goes to cheap brothels in chinatown, Bangkok.
Oh yeah, Walker Stone travelled 6 months in poor countries in Asia (Thailand, Indonesia..) just for sex tourism with the bald pillock Karen Henderson, these two ugly shits went there to have sex with little children and ladyboys.

To fund his prostitutes addiction, Walker Stone stole me money! That happened while we were in Spain, I found out he stole me 400 euros.
Walker Stone
got nasty STDs from the prostitutes or the trannies.
Btw, his face is covered with disgusting pimples, and his body too.
He is a FAT inbred with BAD TEETH and looks like a DONKEY. He has FAT LEGS and SMELLS. He has yellow horseteeths that he never brushes

So if you are looking for a smelly, dirty, lying, cheating SCUMBAG attracted in little children and ladyboys, that will manipulate you, cheats on you, steal your money, and gives you aids and syphyllis, then Walker Stone is for you!

You are warned now about this mentally sick, disgusting, liar, pervert. If I can advise you something, other than to avoid this son of a whore, that is to lock your small children and your dog !

His details:

name: Walker P Stone
dob: 6/23/1986

email: [email protected]

mobile: 415-818-3191

Walker P Stone
DOB: 6/23/1986
Cell: 415-818-3191
Email: [email protected]

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  1. Walker Stone who is a WHITE SUPERMACIST from Alabama who is part of the United Klans of America.
    Walker Stone currently is forming KKK Klans in the city of San Francisco, CA.

    Walker Stone is a SHADY RACIST individual and a vile and atrocious FAT FACE Bigoted person whose RACSIM and prejudice is against BLACKS, ASIANS AND LATINO women, men and children. This sick fuck use to gather up his hillbilly white supremacist buddies and rape and molest blacks, Asians and Latinos in the rural areas of Alabama.

    Citizens of Alabama and San Francisco beware. This RACIST RAPIST and RAPE you and hang you

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