Walker P Stone, California

Walker P Stone is s STD infected pervert who matches with thousands of girls on Tinder/Match/theleague/Bumble them them to have unprotected sex in Pacific Heights I’m SF. He likes the white trash or very small eyed extremely Asian looking girls. He will bang any girl, fat, old, trans. He has open Herpes sores, Gonarreah and Claymedia. He is unemployed and can’t pay his rent.

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  1. I banged him in Europe. Tested positive for Herpes 2 weeks later. Have oozing sores. He stole money from me, has secret rape porn stash unde his bed. Masturbade to Thai Trannies, moms and fat chicks. Loves s ghetto booty. Umemployed and freeloads off of all of San Fran

  2. Brittany Pecsenksa // October 30, 2017 at 6:01 am // Reply

    I had sex with him from the League. Now I have weekly open Herpes sores. 🙁

  3. Hobbes Massucco

    Walker P Stone, an UNEMPLOYED UX Wannabe designer living in San Francisco, heis going around the beautiful state Pacific Heights, San Francisco making creepy sexual advances.
    He lures innocent naive women (unattractive young, impoverished countryside/Midwest/foreign girls) into a 50 shades of gray scenario (see email below) by sending dildos to their homes.

    He brags about “having sex with an estimated 200 women, 6 of whom are virgins and 20 of whom are Asians so that he can ‘feel the back of their walls’”. Here’s INSTAGRAM/WALKERPSTONE
    so you can get more insight to his personality where he follows “WU.TANGELA” And retweets THIS HOES BODY PART AFTER CUMMING ON THEM.. Once or twice he “would have sex/rape fat chicks just to amuse his friends” and proudly declares so. Most rape are committed among casual acquaintances so I implore any women in association with him, or just anyone in general, who has ever been in such a stressful situation to know your rights and come forward so we can emotionally support each other so legal authorities can make better decisions as we help make or towns/cities a safer place by.

  4. Brittany Pecsenka // October 31, 2017 at 5:49 am // Reply


  5. I’m Brittany Pecksenka.

    I rimmed Walker P Stones asshole

    I met him from the league.

    He asked me for money to see me in Tampa

  6. Walker p stone likes me to drink cum out of his asshole

  7. Walker Stone UX/UI Product Design + Architecture
    San Francisco/General Assembly/Orderly
    Walker P Stone Was Fired from MEM Architecture for theft. Walker P Stone was torrenting and downloading porn at work. In addition Walker P Stone was stealing from work. Walker P Stone was fired as Job Captain from MEM Architecture. MBA Architecture. Walker P Stone steals designs and lies that they are his own. And apparently he is a perv. wow this guy is all sorts of nasty.

  8. Walker P Stone

    MEM Architecture
    Architectureal Design Consultant
    San Francisco


  9. I know Walker P Stone. He was fired from
    MEM Architecture. Creep Lurking at General Assembly.

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