Transgender Chloe Petry, Texas

This person is a Transgender Female (pre-op) She goes under the name of Chloe Petry but the real name is Blake Petry. He/She is Prostituting on where I met him/her- Her last boyfriend was known to have Herpes and she has tested positive and has broken out with it already. Her Last boyfriend is Joel Farmer who lives with his parents in Kentucky whom she claimed Raped her anally repeatedly. If you google Joel Farmer you will find a thread about his involvement in a Gangbang and him giving herpes to another guy. Chloe/Blake Petry has given me Herpes. I was told by Chloe that I was her ONLY client and I paid her money to sleep with me. Chloe also said that she was tested monthly for STD’s at the local free clinic. After investigating this person I learned that Chloe has been hooking for awhile and has had several lovers and she admittedly told me that she does not use condoms often and she’s just gotten lucky but was recently tested and came back clean. That’s what I get for trusting a whore. I thought that there was a relationship and even left her alone in my house only to find out that she went through my belongings probably looking for money. Chloe is on and off on Facebook due to the fact that she has another boyfriend and I have contacted all the men I could find on her FB letting them know that Chloe had herpes and had given it to me. Chloe goes by the names, Chloe TS, TS ChloeDoll, Chloe Petry, Blake Petry, Chloe Nicole, and Chloe Nicole Petry. Chloe Petry’s Phone Number is 409-670-2327 and 409-670-2509. One phone is her hooker hotline. She lives in Orange TX and not Houston like she claims. Her address is

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  1. Benjamin Button // September 22, 2017 at 1:19 am // Reply

    I know Chloe and she is a very good person and this is all lies and we know who is posting this Chad Gearhart and Anissa Mills the cops have been informed and an attorney will now be involved Chloe would do anything for anyone I know first hand and her fiance Charles is a wonderful MAN why are you guys so obsessed with her ????? Hang out with people your own age Anissa Hawk Simms Mills and maybe even try and get your Son Benjamin to talk to you because he wont speak to you and thinks your trash . Grow up Chad your a drama queen queer that sleeps with dudes in the park in Houston and goes to the bath house and you cant get a man unless you help him get a green card thats why you married him … we know much more and could use it against you both but Chloe asked us not to because nobody wants to stoop to this level of petty . Girl bye another lie .

  2. Haha Ive seen her around town and she is stunningly beautiful

  3. Wait she is a man ????? I had no idea I saw her at Target a while back omg .

  4. This is absolutely false – The person who made this posting is just trying to make Chloe look bad. I know her personally and she has never had an STD.

  5. LIES I know Chloe ….

  6. Get a life Chloe doesn’t deserve this

  7. Miss thing

  8. Omg she’s gorgeous

  9. Hot bitch

  10. Class

  11. Y’all can’t come for her

  12. Who ever wrote this about Chloe is trash further more you show how nasty you are by putting your business online, like what are you trying to prove who are you trying to get attention from you see a beautiful young transgender woman and you want to jump on her Thunder what the hell this is whoever wrote this is a piece of f****** s*** and personally I hope you burn in hell. If you’re so worried about Herpes won’t you be a good b**** and go to the doctor and get it fixed and shut the hell up Chloe you will overcome this I’m sorry this had to happen to you love

  13. Leave Chloe ALONE!!!!!

  14. Ooooh Yea she’s so UGLY huh ! I’ve been with chloe both sexually and As a friend and she’s one of the most beautiful sweet people you will ever meet . I will Kick whoever posted this god damn ass !…….. love you chlo Text me it’s Kirk

  15. This is Chloë I am posting my test results here they do not include Herpes which I am being accused of spreading and having The results are two different photos I couldn’t fit it in one photo so there will be two different comments with a photo attached from Yours truly of my test results to clear my name 💋💃🏼 I will soon be posting that also but here are documents showing I am clean for the most part . The other documents will be coming soon . ❤️❤️❤️ Chloë Doll

  16. Chloë Doll
    here again for all your entertainment needs 😘😉here is the second photo of my results . I will be posting the NEGATIVE Herpes results soon . This site is ridiculous and whomever believes this Crap and is posting these photos and lying on me and continues to harass me will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law I live a normal life with my Fiancé and do not have time for this garbage I am only entertaining this to clear my name . Have a good day . Love Chloë Doll !.. P.S. Thank you to all my Dolls who have taken up for me I can’t thank you enough this whole thing has taught me who my true friends are …. xoxo

  17. This is Chloë AGAIN!!!! The idiot or idiots that posted this couldn’t even get their facts straight my ex fiancé who lives in KANSAS not Kentucky did beat me in our relationship and abused me all other information is false . I am and have been engaged to my best friend now since 7/15/2017 I am very blessed to be with such an amazing caring man . A lot of people cannot stand to see people happy it’s a sad pathetic world we live in . Also I would like to state that I am nor have I ever been a prostitute I have many trans friends who do escort but I’ve personally never done it myself I have been blessed to have an amazing family that is supportive of my every decision and I treat everyone with respect and I’m very Loyal so for anyone to go this low and put such false trash out about me is absurd …. I’ve been with the same man since March 2017 I split with my Ex fiancé In Feb 2017 me and my NOW fiancé were friends while I was with my ex fiancé Joel Farmer and he stood by my side when everyone else dissapeared besides my family when I needed them most . My now fiancé who I will not be giving his name out for privacy reasons started dating after I left Joel in feb 2017 . People need to get there facts straight and quit hating on people and making up false accusations I’m disgusted by this post . Love all my dolls . Chloë

  18. This is all false. Chloe is a very sweet and loving person. I’ve known her for years. The person who made this needs to get a life and quit being jealous of Chloe. Chloe is super sweet and not a slut either. We have been talking for awhile she’s like a sister too me ❤️ I love you Chloe!!!! #sister4ever

  19. Wesley Tooo // October 6, 2017 at 6:02 pm // Reply

    She sent this to me she needs to learn how to PHOTOSHOP lmao Notice the Obvious GRANDPA in the back on the Hotel bed one of her MANY CLIENTS haha . And she admitted to this while I dated her .

  20. The Chloe Doll // October 6, 2017 at 6:04 pm // Reply

    Can this get anymore ridiculous lol ??

  21. Miss TS Chloe Doll as seen here she sent me this photo when We were talking in 2016 and she was engaged to someone else and admitted to me she was escorting and accidentally sent me this photo and tried to say that’s her DAD. Later she told me it was one of her SUGAR DADDYS ..So you stand naked in front of your own DAD?? Creepy much ? Notice the OLD MAN on the Hotel bed behind her …. But YEA she doesn’t prostitute or escort LMAO as she would call it *rolls eyes either way she’s a huge whore and was talking to so many men she forgot who I was half the time . I feel bad for the man with this Slut piece of trash ! Get tested dude your chicks been with some of my friends even . And she’s a huge bitch and rude when she doesn’t get attention she will throw a fit . She’s hot but that’s all she’s got going for her .

  22. The Official Chloe Doll // October 6, 2017 at 7:24 pm // Reply


  23. The Official Chloe Doll // October 6, 2017 at 7:37 pm // Reply

    To whomever posted this my FIANCÉ and me both think this is hilarious and you need to get your facts straight I am on and off Facebook because that’s my right and me and my fiancé have both decided wat before this was even posted we no longer wanted to do social media because some people just can’t stand to see others happy … hmmmm I wonder if this was someone that I turned down ? Maybe jealous a bit ???? Lol . I don’t know who I’m pretty sure both me and my fiancé know the individual or individuals behind this garbage but we don’t care we live normal lives and have since changed our numbers so it’s pointless to dial either of those phones lol !!! Seriously repulsive someone would make up such lies on someone like this …. I have never in my life seen such vulgar lies and filth . But next week marks me and my fiancé being together 8 months now so we’re very happy and loving life and each other . We don’t need a Facebook and I don’t keep anything from him so the point of this was to get him mad at me we laugh and he knows what’s true and what’s not and this has only brought us closer so thank you HATER of mine lol . Loves ya . Love
    The official Chloe doll hehe

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