Tom Scapillato

Tom Scapillato, of Roswell GA, has been divorced 4 times. This should have been a sign for me to stay away, but my heart overruled my head. After he filed bankruptcy, I supported him emotionally and financially for 6 years. Then I found out he was a bi-sexual cheating on me whenever he could. Not only did I test positive for an STD, he claims it is because he smokes pot and can’t help his behavior. He has had 6 jobs in 7 years, being fired from most of them due to his Italian temper and constant lies. If you are considering a relationship or hiring this man, I would not recommend it. If you ignore this advice, good luck to you…you’ll need it!

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  1. Tom is a narcissistic liar. He has no guilt for anything he says or does as long as the end result gets him what he wants. He’ll use tears for sympathy or schicopathic temper tantrums, then play the part of the victim. He openly associates with women while he secretly meets men for sex. He prefers women much younger than he is because they are more trusting and easily fooled. As a former lover of his, we met at Cosmos, the gym he works out at on a regular basis. What better place for him to hookup with men? If you decide to have a relationship with him, be prepared to be used. His 4 ex-wives are proof of the damage he will do to your life and bank account.

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