Toby”Nuts and Bolts”Byrum STD creep rapist

Toby Byrum of Jackson Hole is a computer programmer with Lyme disease,Herpes and HPV watts on his mouth,penis and anus. He will infect a woman with Herpes and then tell her it’s okay because he just put oral Herpes on your genitals and it’s not the worst kind. Then he will blame you for being a whore and letting him have unprotected sex with him,then punish you by raping you with his hygienic glass dildo. He’s also cheap and will keep a list of what you owe him for movies,dates and hotel rooms on his refrigerator door and remind you of it before he rapes you with his glass dildo. This guy is a real piece of shit,I’m still in therapy from dating him and I have to take Herpes pills every morning.

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