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  1. Ironic. I use to see toni at sex parties in or around phoenix all the time. Years ago. she has had sex with 3 different guys in one night. on several occasions. And i believe had a bad drug problem. Meth. Your lucky thats all you got. With her it could have been anything..

  2. Chris you are right she is strung out on meth. She was with gay men as well. I remember those parties. She was a weird one. Anyone that does what she did needs help. Now everyone that had anything to do with her needs help.

  3. Toni I met years ago at a party in phoenix. Her boyfriend was gay and she had sex with several men that night. I guess thats what meth does to you. dip yourself in plastic dip before considering any sexual act with her.

  4. Laura remember she use to be the one with a camera taking pictures. She gave another friend of mine syphilis years ago. This girl is bad news. Im sure she still using meth.

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