Thomas Wayne Melton (repeated unprotected sex with prostitutes)

Thomas Wayne Melton is 49, lives in Independence, MO. He is going through his 4th divorce. I kicked him out for sleeping with escorts (prostitutes). He is currently on Plenty of Fish (which is where we met) under the name MR16109. His sex life is a revolving door of marriages, cheating and compulsive gambling (you can look him up and see he’s been arrested for gambling!). He had sex with about 50 prostitutes that I am aware of based upon phone records. He did not give me an STD because the little jerk refused to have sex with me! (In 4 years of marriage, we had sex about 10 times. It was awful). Don’t be this loser’s next victim. He looks for women who fall for his lies. He will tell you he loves you very quickly, and marry you quickly. Then, everything changes because he is spending your money to buy hookers.

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