Tammy Darlene Price — Willow Springs, Missouri

I have been married for 15 years to the same man and to my knowledge he has never cheated on me until now. Somehow he got mixed up with this woman who was also married. Recently I learned from him that my husband…now ex husband…has been cheating on me with this woman for over a year. I also just found out that he brought home to me the HPV virus and syphilis. I have just been diagnosed with cervical cancer as a result of the virus she gave him. She stated to my husband when he confronted her about what my doctors told me… that her ex husband gave it to her. She did not tell my husband of this while they were seeing each other…
I now have to undergo the embarrassment and humiliation of having a surgical procedure to remove the cancerous cells and if they come back afterwards, I will need a hysterectomy. This woman is a true to blue homewrecker and life destroyer.
Tammy Darlene Price destroyed my life and family and doesnt even have any remorse. She is free to go spread her legs and ruin someone elses family. She is a manipulator, user to get what she wants, then moves on to the next guy so he and possibly his family becomes her victim. She is deceitful for not disclosing the stds prior to opening her legs. My ex husband of 15 years is no saint I learned, but at least if he was going to cheat… she should have told him. Maybe he would have found a better woman than her. He also told me that she tried to get him to “get rid of” her ex husband for her because he gave her the stds. My ex husband flat out refused and told her she crazy woman.

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  1. I think I’ve seen her on shes a homewrecker website… Another ugly hoe… Damn

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