STEVE SIMMONS/ PAM WALTERS / HERPES 1 & 2 /Murfreesboro, Tn.

I live with Steve Simmons. I left for about 5 months in 2008, he kicked me out so he could screw some whore named Pam Walters at his work. I have since found out she’s slept with everyone there and broken up two marriages. She is an amazon…she’s 6″3 long blonde hair and blue eyes…addicted to Loratab. Last time I saw her vehicle it had Maury County Tags on it. When I confronted her she said she will screw whomever she wants and Steve doesn’t plan on telling any girl that he might get involved with in the future that he has Herpes 1&2. It has ruined my life and Pam is spreading it around…ruining people’s lives! This type of herpes can be spread even just by kissing. I hope and pray no one is subjected to these two…very sick and psychotic, self centered scumbags

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