jawaan alston

Last week i got a random text from a number telling me not to trust this jawaan and to get tested. At first i thought it was just some girl but i listened and got tested.

To my surprise I just found out he gave me more than one std😞 This guy is overly sexually aggressive. He will even try to eat you out while on your period (even if you say no). If he tries to deny this i have proof on my security cameras. He is an all around disgusting person but he will lore you in with a hint of charm. He is from PA but is living in buffalo painting cars as his job. If you’ve been with him get tested. He has caused irreversible damage to my health and if you’re currently one of his many friends with benefits (like i was i just didn’t know) just ask him if you can look through his phone and ipad(videos and texts). You’ll find videos of him having sex with other women. He films you from the back. No condom.

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