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Me and my husband had been together for almost 8 years and married for 4. Like every relationship, qe had a lot of problems, but we always seemed to come through. 2014 was the hardest year for us. I did some wrong, he did some wrong, but we had agreed, by the end of July, to take a short break to get our lives together. Not to fool around, not to be single, but to fix our own individual problems. Within a week, he had this w**** at my house. I confronted them both and she acted like I was the one in the wrong for showing up at MY house. My husband told me that he didn’t want anything to do with her, that he just didn’t want to be alone, etc, etc, etc. He told me there’d never be anything sexual there because she told him that she has herpes.
You’d think that incident alone would be enough for her to back off, but every time he and I would try to reconcile, she’d call and give him a sob story and he’d go run to her rescue. Now, it’s to the point, that he completely neglects our kids. I have to BEG just to get him to see them. He chose to be with a herpes infested w**** over seeing his children. She just got out of prison in March or so for selling heroin and for her child being born addicted to the s***. But if that’s what he wants, whatever. I’m just glad I won’t be getting an std. I just feel bad for my kids at this point. What kind of woman, interferes with a man and his family that he is obviously still involved with? Anyway, I’m currently in the process of saving money for my divorce.

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  1. She posted this same shit on nearly a year ago! I’ve never had an STD EVER! How is it legal for someone else to lie and post slander without any facts?! So just because a jealous, bitter ex of someone is pissed and can’t move on with their life, they can falsely post these things about people?! This is bullshit and slander!

  2. I know for a fact this sweet piece has no std’s. This site should be shut down and the skank that posted the lie should be sued. It isn’t Sonya’s fault that skank can’t keep a man. If he got a std, it wasn’t from Sonya. She’s all good with a tiny little pie, so if he was hittin it he must be hung like a mouse.

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