Scam Alert: The Cyberstalker of Peter James Bromfield: The True Racist is Seen

The CyberStalker of Mr Peter James Bromfield is a True Racist. Though they will deceitfully deny it with their corrupt agenda. Let’s put the facts together and reveal this:
1. Continuously targets a Black man on sites like STD Registry, STD Carriers, Badbizreport, etc.
2. Calls him a “mixed breed male”
3. Uses the N-word against Mr. Peter James Bromfield
4. Uses pictures that mock Mr Peter James Bromfield as a Black male.

Even their words found on (1591851) say this and I quote:

“Dear Peter Bromfield (Nxxxxxx) submitted 5 months ago by Shmerby

Peter, aka Haseeb2. You are a loser, a nxxxxx and a fxxxxt. I could say anything about you and it would turn out to be true. You can’t flag my videos forever because one day the KKK will lynch you, when you die no one will remember you. But me, they’ll remember forever.”

And also their words are found on theurbandictionary where they deliberately PRETEND to be Mr Peter James Bromfield (using his full name) and they use his username “Haseeb” in the Urban Dictionary as a “derogatory slur” while LYING and “claiming” it is from Mr. Peter James Bromfield. Here now is that quote:

“1 definition by Peter james Bromfield

“Haseeb” is a derogatory slur for a whiny bxxxh who gets butthurt over the littlest things….The insulting word derives from the autistic youtube user Haseeb2, the quintessential Haseeb, an enemy of Moonman & the Triple K Mafia and good people everywhere….by Peter James Bromfield September 03, 2016″

NO RIGHT THINKING, SMART OR INTELLIGENT PERSON would ever want to put on a website a Slander against their VERY OWN NAME. No one. It is obviously the work of the cyberstalker of Mr Peter James Bromfield.

After all this NOW we get to see WHY this person is actually posting all their LIES against Mr Peter James Bromfield. There was obviously communication between Mr Peter James Bromfield and this cyberstalker in the past on a social media platform that turned sour and in revenge this person has decided to spitefully attack and attempt to destroy the character of an innocent man with complete falsehoods.

Scam Alert: A Cybercriminal has now been exposed.

5 Comments on Scam Alert: The Cyberstalker of Peter James Bromfield: The True Racist is Seen

  1. Peter Bromfield // June 13, 2018 at 1:26 pm // Reply

    This profile is bogus.

  2. Bogus? You wrote it.

  3. Eat shit, faggot!

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