Rex Sanders-Herpes/Chlamydia-Minnesota & Chicago

Rex Sanders is a former Johns Hopkins University Lacrosse player and currently lives in Chicago, IL. He is from Apple Valley, MN. He has given his last two girlfriends Genital Herpes and has given his most recent girlfriend (who he lives with) chlmaydia twice within the past 5 months after cheating on her and not using protection. He lied about it when she confronted him saying she had symptoms, he lied to her. She ended up getting Pelvic Inflammatory Disease twice, which led to massive cyst growth on her ovaries. She is going to have to have surgery now to remove those and is potentially infertile from the damage caused. Rex Sanders is also abusive mentally, emotionally, sexually and physically. He is a manipulative charmer and lies to everyone. Everyone around him thinks he is so funny and sweet but he is a truly damaged, diseased nacisstic sociopath and he destroys everyone that he gets close to. Someone hated him so much that they burned his house down to the ground and attempted to kill him and his family. He is a terrible, truly awful person and please stay away from him. You can prove all of these things by googling him and asking his last two girlfriends. Rex Sanders is truly the devil.

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