Recruiter Willy Reese of Newport Beach has HIV and AIDS

Willy Reese of Newport Beach CA who works as a recruiter at Microsoft is a big-time drug abuse and is always impaired! Microsoft should fire him right away given that Microsoft has a strict drug policy that applies to their employees. Willy Reese also has many STDs and STIs! Willy Reese here is always high and under the influence which is why now he works from home. He does not work most of the time and yet he is collecting a pay check. WTF! Willy Reese blows all his money on drugs, booze, strippers and hookers! Willy Reese needs help and if he is not prepared to get help, he should not subject his coworkers to his nasty narcotic habits. Willy Reeseā€™s wife Claudia has been cheating on him with various random men which forced him to pursue strippers and escorts for fun. Sad.

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