Rachel Wilson/ Rachel Carter Wilson/ Fort Worth Mid Cities Tex / Core Logic

Rachel Wilson is 35 and preys on wealthy men in DFW, Hurst, Euless and Bedford areas of Fort Worth. She slept her way to work promotions and ended up preggo twice. Super duper violent when pregnant and one-ing and drinking. Is bulimic and bipolar. Eggs cars when she don’t have it her way. Phony who will slander you behind ur back and be nice to ur face. Steals money from men and installs spyware on my heir phone. Beats up any female friends. She bought positive pregnancy tests online stealing my credit card. Didn’t work as she thought bc I dumped her anyway. Rachel has all the std’s. Even vaginal lice. Smells like a sewer there. Rachel was exposed to HIV and won’t be in the clear til August 2018.

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