Lee David Clayworth

October 28, 2014 // 177 Comments

Location of Lee Clayworth as of 2011 is in Sunway, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is from Strathroy, Ontario, Canada.


Who they cheated with:
Oreo Tang from Thailand working in Macau

How Long:
4 – 9 Months

How I found out:
Ask him to show me his emails as he was acting weird after coming back from Thailand. Found out that they met. Confronted him and he lied. 1st, he said that they did not meet, then said that they did but with a bunch of friend. Finally he confess that they had sex in a friend’s place.

What happened after:
His excuse of cheating is that he is too weak to break it off with me like a man. He said that he can’t bear to see me sad if he ask for a break up. So i guess cheating will hurt less for me.And he is doing all this while me and my family is dealing with a death in the family!! Pr*ck!

Beware girls, he has GENITAL HERPES. We both had a STD check after he was contracted with Chlamydia. Which he accuse me several times that i had given it to him. Only later i found out that he is cheating on me and he might have gotten it from Thailand. Not sure if it’s from the girl that he is with or with prostitutes.

Kevin Russell Crisher

October 27, 2014 // 1 Comment

I swear on everything I love that the below statement is wholly true.

Dark brown hair, green eyes, birthday 11-24-84, about 5’8?(?), From New Boston Michigan, smokes Marlboro Reds, smokes pot daily, does cocaine and anything else he is around while partying. Best friends with Thomas Ryan Essex, who is just as careless and degrading to females as Kevin is. We dated from June 2010 to the end of February of 2011. I discovered he had been cheating on me the entire duration of our ‘relationship’. He’s a big fan of cheating while partying and drinking heavily… but fully aware of what he does. Found out he was dating a girl when he started dating me… he left me alone at his house on New Years while he had some girl pick him up, he then went to sell cocaine, then went to her house to sleep with her, and came back to HIS house with me sleeping in HIS bed, waiting for him. I woke up, and then took care of him until morning because he had drank so much, and unknown to me at the time, had done a lot of cocaine. But I found out everything in February 2011 when I dropped him off at a bar we were supposed to hang out together at, and while I went to my house to get ready and meet him back there to eventually take him home, he had a girl take him home, then had sex with her. I went to his apartment to pick up something of mine, and his roommate refused to let me in, and I heard my boyfriend locked in his room, having sex with this random girl when he was fully aware I was outside, and simultaneously yelling at his roommate to send me away. He has refused to speak a word about it. When I returned to get my things, he had the same girl hiding in his roommates room while I gathered my things. I had to return there once more to get the last of my things, and he locked himself in his room with her, yet again. He fully remembers every detail of the night, and what he did, because he has been drinking heavily(most times drinking and driving, but at this time he had no car) for many years. He was constantly degrading me, and repeatedly tried to ‘force himself upon me’, then claimed it was him joking. I was too naive and passive, and allowed this to go on for too long. I’m now scared of contracting and std, after finding out so much of what he did. He even had the nerve to text girls, in attempt to sleep with them, while I was sleeping right beside him. After all this, I STILL do not know the whole truth and extent of his cheating; but it was enough for me. Don’t let this guy touch you. He has no remorse for his actions, and refuses to deal with me, whom he hurt so badly. Let my stupidity be a lesson.

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