Nate Lenahan of New York

Nate Lenahan from New York Mills, is a sick man. I found out the hard way. Very charming at first. But looks are very deceiving. Especially with Nate Lenahan. Nate Lenahan has no empathy or sympathy or even remorse for his own actions. Doesn’t care about anyone but himself and his own sexual desires.

We were in a relationship for a few months and his stories never added up. I would always catch him in lies after lies. Nate Lenahan even created diversions of being sick, or being at the ER, etc., to try to get out of being caught.

Well I caught him. Nate Lenahan gave me a STD. And when I confronted him on it, he blamed it on me. And then he slipped and said that he was back with his ex girlfriend. So we both know he was cheating on me with her. And who knows who else.

Nate Lenahan also loves to text/message sexual comments and jokes. And loves to send any messages orpictures that have to do with sex. But Nate Lenahan claims he doesn’t like sex. But if you try to have a conversation with him that doesn’t have anything to do with anything sexual, Nate Lenahan will not respond and wants no part of. If he invites you over to his house, it’s for a booty call and nothing else.

So if any woman is thinking about getting with Nate Lenahan. Think again. Because you will getmore that just a booty call. He is a waste of your time.

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