My STD Dilemma/ Darren Ambler- Pathological Liar- Sociopath- Con Artist: Cherry Hill- New Jersey

My Serious STD Dilemma continues to grow WORSE. Darren Ambler whom I met in 2016 was an aggressive Con-Man- Pathological Liar and Definite SEX ADDICT. This guy is Sick- Selfish- Demented- Demanding and EXTREMELY CONTROLLING where SEX and ORAL SEX are concerned. He used me for Dirty PHYSICAL SEX and VULGAR SEX ACTS that only a Hooker would engage in. Darren was ABUSIVE and FORCED me into Disgusting Sex acts against my will. I was in a Vulnerable state and of course I gave in to this SICK DERANGED PSYCHO.
——————————————————————————-Darren Ambler would show u at my place unannounced and within minutes begin to remove my clothes- he was SEX Obsessed and had no MORALS or RESPECTABILITY. He used me and other HELPLESS Females to satisfy his SICK and uncontrolled Sex Obsession. Darren Ambler lied to others and cares about only HIMSELF and his SEXUAL NEEDS. I found out that this JERK cheated with other females of a very low caliber and moral standards. Literally- Darren Ambler would SCREW anyone out of Desperation. My GOD look at Darren – You would have to be sick and demented to sleep with that Gross Person. He is quite homely- horrible in bed and has a scrawny scarecrow type Body (no muscle tone at all).
After Darren USED and ABUSED me I found out he was sleeping with Prostitutes and Low class women whom agreed to “ONE NIGHT STANDS”. Darren is an excellent LIAR also. He will deny to the hilt that he EVER had any sexually inappropriate relationships. But Darren is a LIAR and a PATHOLOGICAL ONE- a very sick human being. He does not care whom he hurts and he will NEVER admit wrong doing. This IDIOT is so Gross and Desperate I discovered he even had an Intensive Sexual relationship with a 65 year old female. HOW GROSS. Why is Darren sleeping with a 65 year old when he is in his early 40’s. TWO Reasons- Darren Ambler is a desperate UGLY DORK and a SEX ADDICT.

I have had Chlamydia for several months. This UGLY LIAR is responsible. How dare he sleep with Hookers and then force me into sex with a creep weirdo like HIMSELF. Darren is a low down dirt bag with not one bit of MORALITY- CLASS- SCRUPLES or CONSCIENCE. Darren is HORRIBLE in bed- could not satisfy a women if he tried. Believe me- Darren Ambler looks better fully clothes. His unclothed skeleton body makes me sick to my tummy.
Darren abused Dating sites and many hook up web sites. lets say he had an obsession with the INTERNET. This JERK needs to be brought to justice for the pain and cruelty he inflicted on me and others. I found out Darren had a wife but she left. No wonder- whom could stand this possessive skinny Dork? He has ZERO personality also.
I have been on several anti biotics for months. Keflex, Ampicillin, Cleocin as well as two Sulfa based drugs to no avail. Just when it seems progress is being made the infection flairs up once again. Ladies please BEWARE- use CAUTION while ON LINE. Be on your GUARD at all times in case you encounter this menace in person or through the INTERNET. Darren Ambler is a dangerous VIAL Human being. He is not a man but a immature WHIMP.
Darren Ambler resides at 12 WESTBURY DRIVE in Cherry Hill NJ. He is a former resident of Burlington County NJ. Darren is employed as a PHARMACIST at Express RX in New Jersey. Darren is slick and manipulative but very very unattractive and a total GEEK. BEWARE- Protect yourself- STAY SAFE.

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  1. I always protect myself. I never just hop into bed with anyone. I would never trust what any guy told me about his past partners just by his word of mouth. Anyone I have dated, must take an test for STD’s before I would even consider becoming intimate. Guess that is kind of difficult when your accustomed to one-night stands. Anyone with common sense knows one-night stands are extremely dangerous especially in this day and age. You are risking your life simply going to bed with someone you barely know.
    I could even understand an extremely hot guy sweeping you off your feet after a few dates and becoming intimate. But from the photo posted here I don’t think this dude qualifies for “Hot”. I don’t think he qualifies for luke warm. I am not trying to add to your pain. Hope your health improves and I hope you have learned a valuable lesson. It is not worth your life for a one night stand. I am sure in this case it was a forgettable one.

  2. Terrible position to be in. Sad you had to learn a lesson the hard way. This proves the dangers of becoming intimately involved when you know next to nothing about the person. Any man who simply wants sex and intimacy on the first meeting must arouse suspicion. I do agree according to the picture- this person is certainly not “Hot” “Warm” or even one bit attractive. I hope your health improves. I hope this jerk gets what he deserves.

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