Mira McDaniel of Dell EMC tested positive for HIV and has AIDS

Mira McDaniel (nee Mira Berenshtein) in Seattle, WA used and abused me for physical intimacy!!! I am sure not many men would complain when a girl uses a dude for intimate encounters but Mira McDaniel played with my emotions and she took advantage of me. I met Mira McDaniel at a Starbucks, we hit it off and we got together in bed the very same evening we met. After a few dates and passionate bedroom sessions, I found out that Mira McDaniel is a recruiter at Dell EMC, she is married with two kids and she used to be known as Mira Berenshtein. And now I find out that she has various STDs and STIs! She never told me about her hubby Levi McDaniel until I confronted her after doing some sleuthing. Mira McDaniel is a despicable person and men out there seeking real meaningful relationships should be cautious of sexual beasts like this Mira McDaniel who is only looking to get laid!!!

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