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  1. Michael Aaron Snow; DOB 11-21-1970, currently lives in Loveland, Colorado. No friends, horrible boyfriend, terrible husband, lousy father. Ask him what kind of role he plays in his 17 year old daughters life. Lie, Cheat and Steal…that’s his motto. 41 years old, lives in his parents basement, spends all his free time getting high, playing XBox and jacking off to hardcore porn…he’s a real “catch”.

  2. Ask him how many STD’s he’s had!! Better yet–ask him how many STD’s he’s GIVEN!

  3. Sherri you ignorant slut. why you didn’t tell me you had multiple warrants for your arrest, and why you lied from day one is beyond me. be a fucking human being, take care of your legal matters, quit acting like a cowardly, victimized, hateful person. The police are looking for you. take care of your business, leave me, my family, and my friends alone, or I will give you more reasons to hide from the cops. You have become nothing more than a horrible mistake in my life that needs to be forgotten. Oh by the way, good job ditching out on your felony DUI charge. What a classy lady you are.

  4. cofheart who ever you are(probably still Sherri) Sherri was the first girl in a long time I had a relationship, and quite frankly I wish I did just go home and fire off some knuckle children instead of getting in bed with Sherri VanDuzer. If I got an STD it was from that little hateful womaan. who ever you are,shutup.

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