Please be careful of this woman. I was a close friend and roommate to her while she was prostituting herself on a regular basis. I found her herpes medication and medical work she had hidden in her drawer. I would have kept her secret but once I saw how she hides it from every guy she sleeps with I couldn’t stand her. She used to talk about how she cheated on her husband like it was a joke, was an aweful roommate and completely ignored any safe sex practices. She’s AWEFUL and since our falling out I really couldn’t care less if she doesn’t want people to know.
She does in fact have herpes.

2 Comments on MIA QUINN MONTGOMERY HEPP, Oklahoma

  1. How cute! Somebody’s mad that I got a cold sore. 😂😂

  2. You did the right thing, if a person with an incurable infection doesn’t tell her partners, it’s disgusting. You have probably saved a few guys from getting infected. RESPECT. 🌞

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