Mary Anne Sawser

Does she have an STD, someone please tell me!! I met this woman last year. No wedding ring on said she was single. Goes to school has a child. She’s very flaky. So I decided to look her up. Well she is married. She cheated before but still married. This woman is very deceiving. I hope I didn’t get any STD’s from her.

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  1. Mary Anne Sawser // March 22, 2015 at 8:50 pm // Reply

    The person who wrote this message is Chris Pellman from Las Vegas. This person has me fearing for my life. He has made so many threats towards me. He Has put me on websites and all kinda of horrible things, only because I won’t date him. I have never in my life had an STD!!!! This has got to be against the law to falsely make statements towards another person. This man has serious issues. He lives with his mother because he lost his job. He has 3 DUI’s in the past 2 years. He sleeps with all these women and sends me pics of them. I have blocked his text and emails. He calls with unknown numbers. Has made 3 new email addresses because I keep blocking them. I haven’t talked to this guy in 7 months and he keeps harassing me. I fear he will try to kill me!! I don’t know what to do. I am going to talk to the cops tomorrow. I need help to stop this person. He is out of control!!! I need help!!!

  2. MA maybe mr Pellman needs a visit from an old friend from London. A bit of ol school east end persuasion is needed…

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