Mark Eirikis of Orlando Florida

Mark Eirikis of Hypronex in Orlando Florida gave me AIDS. My life is over. I also found out he likes little boys.VERY SCARY. Mark Eirikis of Orlando Florida.

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  1. Stephanie Nudds Martin // January 8, 2016 at 12:44 am // Reply

    Mark, I am so sorry that I posted this. To everyone reading, this is not true. It’s completely ridiculous. Mark does not like little boys or have HIV. I made it all up because I am a compulsive liar and I only want some attention. I know you are aware of this, but I have a mental illness. I am mentally retarded and I can’t control my impulses. Please accept my apology.

  2. Yet another fake report as revenge for revealing the true identity of a criminal. Read the full story at

  3. I found out from another victim of Stephanie Martin/Stephanie Nudds Martin, that she was able to take out this gentleman’s links off the net. He, along with about 70 men, and business owners, also victims of Stephanie Martin, wrote a large amount of posts about this Florida prostitute and drug addict, who doubles up as an SEO person. In the first case, if you make the mistake to contact her off Craig’s list, she manages to find out the guy’s real names and starts a never ending process of libel and extortion. She threatens you with telling your wife, your family members etc… if you don’t pay her large amounts of money. Whether you pay or you do not, she still libels you all over the net. A huge amount of business owners, shopping on the net for an SEO specialist, would come across one of her pages on rather reputable sites and contact her. I read on various responses to her libeling posts all over the net, that she shows excellent work with SEO initially. Although I get that she knows a few things about SEO and reputation management, as she at times manages to get posts about her taken down.
    However, all the business owners she has wronged so far, not only got libeling posts and “reviews” contaning the worse lies on the net, but they realize that the work that got Stephanie Nudds Martin hired in the first place, was probably never performed by her. She uses a lot of aliases: FasOfficePros, Tiffany Mulheron, Mitchell Cesar, MissAmerica,Todd G, Kirby P, Pee Swilly (under that name, she pretends to be an attorney!), Silbia T etc… etc… She pauses as various attorneys’ names who served her with papers she disliked also. She has a $550,000 judgement against her, among many, $50K are in punitive damage.
    She writes about those unfortunate people on any and all review sites there are. From Face Book to yelp etc… Do not contact that crags list, trust me! If you are a business owners do not contact any of the aliases about for SEO services.

  4. This was posted by a drug addicted prostitute, who resides in Pompano Beach Florida. Her name is Stephanie Nudds Martin. She has libeled many johns who met her on Craig’s list. She has also extorted and defrauded close to a hundred business owners, many of whom, not treated much better than those unfortunate men, were libeled on the net after purchasing SEO services from sites such as Fiverr and SEO pros, etc… Do not pay Stephanie Nudds Martin once she starts her attempts at extortion. She will still write about you and your business. She will contact your friends and families on social media. This woman has many aliases! As P Sweely , she pauses as an attorney! Face Book, Cesar Mitchell, Tiffany Mulheron, etc.. etc… She loves to libel businesses on yelp also, under Kirby P, Silbia T, Todd G, etc.. Etc… Watch out for FastOfficePros, but this is not her only “business” alias! This person attaches herself to you and your business and stalks you, your family and friends libeling you endlessly. She had big judgements in many States including Ohio and Pompano Beach, Florida where she lives.

  5. The amount of people that Stephanie Nudds Martin has extorted and defrauded to date, is unbelievable! The links about her do not open now, as I guess somebody posted a photo of her, and it allowed for her to take the stuff off the net. But immediately, a few of her victim wrote about her. This is to clear this guy Mark, who posted blogs about her, which are now gone too, as they contained this prostitute/drug addict photos. If you are a business owner, you really think she can do good work for her company at first. But quickly you realize that the amazing work she shows to get in, was never hers! When you let her go, you get the same treatment as the poor johns who call her Craig’s list ads. She posted on Face Book about us, and I found a yelp for a different company, where she used the same alias. Suddenly, your five star business is trashed on the net, and she does that whether you pay her the extortion money or not! Some of her aliases: Silky White, Christopher Cesar, Kirby P. Pee Swilly, Silbia T, Tiffany Mulheron, MissAmerica, Sally Mae West, ThankYouSally, Todd G, Frank M, and best pf all Pee Swilly, when she pretends she is an attorney, which is a Federal offense in itself. I hope this helps all of you recognize that this man did nothing wrong, but probably call an add on Craig’s list. You will likely read more about Stephanie Nudds Martin here and elsewhere on the net, as johns and business people are monitoring what she takes out and what stays on the net. You are now warned, but just know that the aliases above are only a small sample of what she uses.

  6. I am one of those business owners whom they speak about above. Stephanie Nudds Martin advertises on two well known SEO listings sites, under FastOfficePros. She only thing she is fast about, is collect people’s money for work she never delivers. When none of the work was being done, after a couple of months, we fired her. What came next is beyond what one can imagine. The worst nightmare for a business owner. Your company, your name, your wife’s –as she will look up and attack your family and write insane lies about you, which she’ll get to all your friends and Face Book friends she can locate. She is quite vindictive and remorseless, as she enjoys telling the public how much good established businesses are “scam” “thieves”, She calls business owners “horrible people”, using limited vocabulary and her empty libeling rhetoric goes on and on and never stops coming at you. Whether you pay her the extortion money she asks for when you let her go, “or else”, the else will come to past. She will libel you anywhere she can. She wrote on Face Book about us under various aliases, including Cesar Mitchell. Tiffany Mulheron is another one. She uses pictures she steals from the internet as photos of herself! on the various sites with her fake accounts. On yelp, she is Todd G, Silvia T, Frank M, Kirby P, etc… I found all these on somebody’s yelp page whom I contacted about this person, who got victimized in the same way. Her posts there read just like the ones she writes about our company!
    Indeed, she defames business owners and individuals on social media and AGAIN, especially review sites to try and hurt good people. She is big on yelp and has a huge amount of pages there. She has access to different computers and IP addresses and navigate their filter system to try and hurt numerous business. She is a skillful psycho, and knows how to have yelp pages which are aged, and will add random friends to the account, plus write about businesses local to the place she is trying to hurt, making it sound like she was there and giving them five stars. Don’t be fooled, none of what Stephanie Martin writes anywhere is true. She is a liar with many judgments against her in a few different States. Best of luck to all.

  7. Stephanie Nudds Martin really wishes she had a husband, lol! I spoke to someone who has been following her libel which started after her extortion attempts as usual, on an excellent institution in CA. That gentleman is himself, a victim of Stephanie Nudds Martin, and he is in the banking business. He explained that she wrote on that lady’s yelp as Todd G and Jeanie G! She wrote about him on yelp as well, and messed his Face Book page entirely! So back to the CA business, on their yelp, Todd G and Jeanie G are “husband and wife”. Thing is, she uses proxies from two different cities in California to look like she is local to the business, because she is in Florida. So that “couple” live in separate cities, as per the two yelp accounts!? Lol! Then she claims that the business has fake five-star reviews, because they are a national company, with clients in many States who fly to them. I visited that page myself, and a few others. Same MO. People are “scams”, “thieves”, etc… So to build on that aspect of Stephanie Nudds Martin’s use of aliases, she also is Cesar Mitchell AND Jane Mitchell the “wife” on Face Book. She has written about our portfolio business on Face Book under Tiffany Mulheron and Heather McPherson, two aliases used against our firm, not unlike what the post before describes. Another business owner from a mid-western State has dealt with that psycho since 2005. These are people I spoke to, or heard about from other victims. It’s refreshing to see that people are communicating about that psycho. What I can’t figure out, is why she spends all that time writing fake reviews only for the purpose of destroying people’s business and in the case of those men who ‘retain’ her, destroy their relationship AND their business when she figures out their name. That will not get her a companion, to jeopardize some guy’s relationship. Sending slanderous notes to people’s friends and family members –yes, she does that too! That won’t give her the family or friends she doesn’t have. She should get busy with rehab and since she likes SEO so much, do it legitimately and actually get a job at a reputation management company. But I guess that’s what a normal person would do. That woman is crazy. A drug problem added to deep seated psychological problems is a perfect storm type of combination. She is simply evil. Otherwise why so much staying power for a cause which is only about hurting other human beings who do nothing wrong. Our only mistake was to hire her for reputation management. The optimization we sought and small concerns we had, were nothing next to what she ended up doing to our company and the owners. She will not be around forever, though.

  8. Let’s have no doubt that what happened in Orlando, FL today is in no way different from the cyber terrorism which everybody here has been the victim of, from Stephanie Nudds Martin. It is with the same hatred and pointlessness that that psycho individual spends most of her time libeling people on the Internet, after extorting or attempting to extort them money. Her acts are pointless and successfully hurt hard working people’s lives and businesses. One of the people who has dealt with Stephanie Nudds Martin for many years, and has a huge judgement against her, sent a sheriff over to her last week, and they broke the lock down, came in and took all her electronics, cell phone, computer, and tablets. With all that gone, you would assume that psycho would stop writing about the business owners and men, she has been shamelessly attacking on the Internet for no plausible reason. The next day, Stephanie Nudds Martin wrote a preposterous blog about those people with the judgement against her, violating yet again the restraining order against her. Looking forward to her getting more such visits… Note: she robs people form out of State, so judgements against her are difficult to collect. If your business is not in Florida, you can always domesticize the judgement or rent a small place there for a while, so you qualify to file there directly. This career criminal will not go away, so all you can do is stop her. CO

  9. That psycho has a new fake aliases. This is one she used on Face Book against us, I guess to retaliate against my post about how much of a terrorist she is: Rake N. Another one of the crazy names she comes up with. I looked at some Face Book accounts for a few of you here, and could not find much under that name. However, yesterday, she created a new account under yelp and posted about the CA acting school using that name. You’ll find it on yelp, however, when you look the profile up to flag it on Face Book, so many Rake Nation pages and Rake Nation posts come up, that you can’t find her Rake N, easily. That freak thought that up, I guess. I’ll see on posting her aliases.

  10. What a nice surprise to be back from vacation and find out that your site is back up about that Stephanie Nudds Martin freak, Mark! Her “professional” pictures are up too. Nice contrast with all the religious bull which she posted about herself on the net. A Sunday teacher?? Lol! The nerves on that drug addicted prostitute! Using the Lord’ name to look good on this Internet. I may not go to church every Sunday. We are more you know, Christmas Mess church goers, but I can tell you that all that psycho believes in is her drugs! Even if my family and I, and our business had not been victimized by that psycho terrorist, I could tell reading those psalms etc she posted, that she is not all there. That someone like that would have access to the net and libel good people is just tragic. But we all just have to keep on updating the aliases and fighting this.

  11. Mark Eirikis from Orlando, FL is disgusting. Glad I found this.

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