Man in Grass Valley Ca. has STD and still sleeping with other women

Ej Burke aka Emmanuel Joseph Burke 30 of Grass Valley Ca has the High Level, High Grade HPV that doesn’t go away and causes cancers in the body such as cervical cancer and penal cancers, also in throats and anal and causes herpes type genital warts. Ej Knows he has it he gave it to his wife and isn’t stopping hooking up with other women he continues to have sex which lower body parts the indomitable doesn’t cover touching skin to skin it gets transferred. So he may also slept with someone who has herpes 4 months ago so he may have two STDs he doesn’t have a conscience and need to be exposed to save other women to. He on Dating groups and apps to hook up some are Meetme Date, Skout, Facebook Dating groups, and others may not know of.

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