Leya Wiemerslage

Thanks to this bitc**, at least three people have gotten several STDs such as herpes, HPV, etc. This woman is the lowest of life forms. While I was away from home for 2 1/2 months due to health issues and family issues (Both my mother and father had died recently within weeks of each other) she decided she was not only going to take my husband…she was going to step into my whole life. She slept with him after knowing him just days. And knowing he and I were still together just kind of moved herself into my home. All my things were in the house. My clothes…wedding pictures of us on the walls. There would be NO WAY she could not know I still lived there (as she tried to claim!) My make-up, perfume and ect. were on the bathroom counters!! Once I came back and found out my husband begged me not to leave. We went into marriage counseling….but this w**** would NOT go away. She called him constantly trying to guilt trip him into coming back. She would call/text me horrible things…seriously. What kind of a woman would say ” if you had sex with him last night I hoped you like the taste of me”!!?? Once when I had to leave again for a few days she called and said that while I was gone that she had been climbing thru our bedroom window to have sex with him. To which I replied ” if that is true, WHAT kind of woman would admit/brag that she climbed thru a window to screw a married man on his wife’s bed”? This woman gave away/lost custody of her two kids so that she can hang with low life’s and smoke meth, and any other drug she can get her hands on. She was with my husband less than 8 weeks and in that eight weeks was saying that “she was in love with him, telling her friends that she was going to be moving into MY home? My first night back she was telling people she was going to come to our house and “get me out of there” lol Like it was HER house. Since this low point in our marriage she has been arrested numerous times for possession of narcotics/meth, selling meth, manufacturing meth, and jumping bail….and that’s just some of it!! For a while there every time the radio was on her name came up. Once a year or so after when it happened my husband put his head down in shame and said “thank you for saving me”. The last contact was when he and I were out and she was calling/texting him and he answered the phone and said a lot of stuff…and ended it with I can’t believe I almost lost my marriage over a s*** like you”. When not in jail she moves from flop house to flop house…and from man to man. She has no teeth due to her meth abuse, no job, no kids or even home for her children even if she would give up the men and drugs for them, which she would never do. I found out from people in her home town that she was screwing married man at the meat/butcher shop…and has been with countless other married or taken men. She has no morals or compassion for the people she hurts…but then again in my books if you fail at being able to love your kids more than you do meth and drug houses…you don’t know how to love at all. After I came back she chased my husband like a pathetic dog….and got kicked to the curb. Now, do not think I do not place the major majority of the blame for this affair on my husband. He was the one who made the vow and he didn’t get off lightly. BUT, this site is to out skanks who do not care about the feelings of other women or family involved. I hope she never puts another woman thru what she put me thru…but I am sure she will. At least right now she is headed to prison for a while…lol…karma is sweet!!! My marriage is mending and getting better everyday…and her life sucks!!

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  1. Why are all these people ugly as f*ck? These hubbies must be very desperate for new p*ss , they will screw anything apparently!

  2. Fuck Right the fuck off // June 1, 2016 at 3:18 pm // Reply

    I hope that you guys fucking kill yourself. I hope that you get addicted on meth. She is who she is okay? Seriosly you need to learn to mind your own damn busnisse. And my mom is beautiful. Seriosuly she has just made some mistakes

  3. Her being a meth addict does not take the blame off her for the things she does and the people she hurts. What your mother does effects you…you shouldn’t have to be on here defending her. I feel so bad for you. A “mistake” is something that happens once or twice…she is CHOOSING to do drugs and hurt other people. She is selfish, immature and has no compassion for anyone…other than herself. Look at the position she put you in…having to defend her on an STD site…sad..just sad!!

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