Lewis Lindsay

email contact from one of the women he was with who had tested positive. When asked he said he may have been positive for a few years but wasn’t sure. Found paperwork from Drs office in Tennessee that he tested positive in 2007. He goes to adultfriendfinders and craiglist to find new women under the heading yoursolemate2b.

Lewis Lindsay

This liar and cheater lives in Liberty Missouri and frequently trolls dating sites with the tagline “Yoursolemate2b”. When seeing one woman he usually has at least 3 others he’s “talking” to. Most he gets off adultfriendfinders and craigslist. He likes kinky rough sex and is willing to pay for it. I called off the relationship after finding his treasure room of bondage and sexual toys, along with pictures and videos of women he’s been with. I wonder how many of them know he has these pics of them? Two of his ex’s have contacted me with STD/Herpes reports. He likes to come across as a sweet southern boy from Alabama or Tennessee. Everything he says is a complete lie. This is definitely one dog who can’t be trusted.

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