Legal Contact

Please read carefully: This is the only method to contact this site. If you choose to try to contact us through complaints to our domain registrar, hosting, or other service providers in an attempt to coerce us to “see things your way”, it won’t work. We will publish your threats on this site and will share it with other sites and forum for maximum visibility. Additionally, any content complained of will become non-removable, even if that means that we have to host the site in the middle of nowhere. .

For Copyright infringement complaints, you must send a properly formatted DMCA containing all required elements (paste the DMCA text below). Use Google to figure it out. Additionally, content is only removed with a valid court order or if the report is about a child, which is not permitted. All others may contact neutral arbitrators such as Internet Reputation Control, Inc, Remove Names, or others. We don’t endorse any of them, you should contact them directly for explanations.

If you already have a court order or a valid DMCA, please proceed to paste/type it below. If you need to send documents, contact us below to receive an email address (due to spammers, we can’t post that). If you are a douchebag lawyer trying to send a letter through pdf files, don’t bother, just paste your letter below. If your letter is a defamation threat and you are in the United States, google Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act before writing. It will save you a lot of ridicule from us!

Please fill out the comment form to contact us. Threats will be publicly published.

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