Lauren Smeke is spreading STD in NYC

This is a urgent warning regarding Lauren Smeke a 28 year old woman with a very questionable past and worse reputation who should be considered unstable and extremely dangerous

She goes by the aliases lauren alisa Elle smith and Stratton Cat and will claim to be an actress a singer when in actuality she sells shoes in a cheesy store and has moonlighted as a prostitute who will do whatever it takes to have unsafe sex with men she will typically pick up in bars and have unprotected sex while N E V E R revealing that she has a STD. She is a member of a bizzare religious cult and blames her parens for the fact that she is willing to,poison men without any accountability or culpability claiming she was never taught right from wrong.

If you come across this woman on Craig’s list seeking a relationship proceed with extreme caution asshe has a questionable reputation and she needs to be considered very dangerous and will try to infect you with her std that she will not inform you that she has. There are multiple men who have fallen prey to her and she will withold the fact that she has a std and will wantonly try and infect you by saying she’s clean. She has put in writing that she is sick and dirty so we are dealing with a sociopath and narcasitic personality who will stop at nothing to pass her STD on to her prey

She also is a financial scammer who will look to take money from unsuspecting men as she’s flat broke and can’t pay her bills and will ask for loans that she never pays back or has any attention to make restitution

Forewarned is forearmed as this is a very dangerous woman at all levels do not confuse her little girl persona with the evil woman she really is or you will become her next victim

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