Larry Luckey San Antonio, Texas

He is a sociopath and leaves pain everywhere he goes. He is currently cheating on his girlfriend. Girlfriend’s I have talked said he didn’t use protection with them and has transmitted STD’s to them. He has had up to 5 girlfriends at a time. He tells them he loves them and will never hurt them. He loves to say he is not like other men. He is actually your worst nightmare. He lies about his income (his house is under foreclosure), his education (he has no degree at all), and why he was divorced (says it was it wasa mutual thing and still gets along with his wife). He hit her, he cheated on her, and she endured daily verbal abuse from him. He would laugh when she would cry. He can put on a great show, but eventually his evil side surfaces. He just on to the next person without ever looking back. He threatened his family, to include his kids, that they would be dead to him if they told the girlfriends he is cheating on them. He is bad news.

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  1. What kind of STD’s are we talking about? I’ve been with him too.

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