LaQretha Brown

This chick has been dirty from birth. She followed me around the square my whole life and begged me to fuck her all the time even though i had a gal. She smells sour downn there and it’s really crusty.
she brags about having contracted gonorhhea and has had chlamydia twice.
5’6, dark brown, rotten teeth, goes by tweety, is a strait freak and will do anything

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  1. LaQretha Brown // December 27, 2016 at 2:30 pm // Reply

    LMAO???????????????????????? im glad 2 no tht the scared bitch(nigga or female) tht felt lke it was cool 2 LIE on me(CLEARLY bcus i woodnt fuck u bcus iv only fuckd 1 nigga 4rm the Square and we’r MARRIED, ol hatin ass bitch)is jus as FAKE as ths post bcus u didnt leave ur name!!!!!!! its baffling tho bcus how do u no wht i smell lke “down there”? u seem 2 think no my Vagina very well 4 a nigga thts NEVER had sex wit me, LOL!!!! none the less, THIS shit is fuckin HILARIOUS and u are 1 MISERABLE piece of dog shit 2 tke the time 2 write LIES abowt a female who CLEARLY dnt fuck wit a pussy muthafucka lke u!!!!!! hav a blessed day hunie????????????????????????????

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