Landie Urban Denton Texas DFW

Landie Urban is 19, born 1-8-99. Has gonorrhea, herpes, chlamydia & recently diagnosed HIV Positive. Also presents with symptoms of co-morbid bipolar disorder & schizophrenia. Landie changes moods ten times an hour, that’s why every guy she chases dumps her fat ugly ass. Landie got so fat since high school, heard she gained 100 pounds. Landie and her fat miserable mom Debbie (that has no life of her own & has to live vicariously through her kids) market Thrive as medication for anxiety depression and weight loss. But no one wants to look or act like either Debbie or Landie. Her dad Tim was ready to run but Debbie got pregnant again. The Urban family is like Texas version of Palin family but even more hypocritical & fat & crazy.

Landie’s hair is not Thriving, it looks like shit. Landie needs to get it chopped all off cuz her dark ugly roots go to middle of her back (with all its fat rolls). Landie is trying to trap Max by getting pregnant to follow in her moms footsteps. Can’t ya hear em? 😉

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