Kristina Horn

Kristina Leigh Horn of Surprise AZ…
HPV positive and never uses protection…
She is a lazy narcissistic gold digger skank.
Plays like shes pregnant or had a miscarriage to trap you.
3 kids 3 baby daddy’s
she will fuck anything that has a cock.
Stay away. Shitty Fuck too. no anal and wont swallow or take a creampie Whats the point???

5 Comments on Kristina Horn

  1. Jus throat fucked this old bitch in the parkinlot behind the brookside! Only took 1 beer and 10 minutes to get my cock in her. Busted on her face wiped my dick on her forehead and went back to drinkin. Saw her hook in up with another dude right after. This bitch gets around

  2. This ugly old white trash cunt bar skank is spreading around her rotten ass and pussy for free at boots n Burbon in surprise AZ. wear 2 condoms and fuck her in the ass in the empty lot across the street just like the cops do when they roll her for dui every Tuesday and Saturday. She lives off Bell and westpoint dr. Her address is 13400 W rimrock in surprise az

  3. Psycho whore! Definitely dirty AF. gave me crabs

  4. Bitch stole my wallet an my phone. Keeps callin my wife. This ho is trippin

  5. Truly a pathetic excuse for a person

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