Kostas Papantonopoulos

Kostas Papantonopoulos  – When we first met he kept talking about an ex girlfriend named Christy who had herpes. He kept bringing up the subject, being naive I figured oh he must know so I told him I had herpes but he never told me he had it also. He went to take a test and a different doctors office a standard std test and told me he didn’t have it. He had me take valtrex. So that he wouldn’t get it. I suspect that he had it all along and used it to manipulate and take advantage of me. Threatened to tell people that I had it and told people at work since we work at the same company. I know for sure that he has herpes 1. What I didn’t know, that I know now is that you should make someone take a blood test to prove they don’t have it. Since a simple normal std test won’t show that you have it unless you are currently having a break out. Very sad that now a days even people you tell that you have it, will have the same disease and still lie to you about it.

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