Kerry DeSanto

Kerry DeSanto is a whore who has genital herpes. She worked at Wind City Grill in Hernando Ms. She was married and was fooling around with my man. She gave him herpes which besides him cheating ruined our relationship. She was also having sex with her boss and a 17 year old boy who worked in the kitchen. She now works at Delta technical college in Horn Lake Ms. I heard she is having sex with her boss there also. She is a slut and frequents sex clubs.

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  1. These comments about me are totally untrue and I will report this untrue bullshit to whomever I need to, it needs removed. I have no std”s maybe her man is the cheater who slept with many others and got diseases from real sluts!!

  2. I can confirm this chick who wrote this is out for revenge or her ex husband, I am Kerry’s best friend and she doesn’t have any diseases and the only one who would think about saying she goes to sex clubs would be her ex husband who would drag her there and make her watch him fool around with other women. She has been abused by this man Aldo DeSanto and has tried to leave him. Now he is making up things because he is crazy! She can prove a clean slate of health free from any std. This website is not real and anyone can write anything to destroy reputations. We will try to have this removed and may he or his crazy bitch friend burn in hell!

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