Kellee Cooper

Kellee Cooper from Castro Valley, California, is nothing but trash. She gets off on destroying relationships. It makes her feel good about her nasty self, to talk some loser with a girlfriend, partner, fiancé, or wife, whatever, to get into bed with her. She plays the victim like a pro, likes men to feel sorry for her and want to help her. She’s a sick twisted piece of garbage. A mother of 2 beautiful girls, has custody of neither because she’s such a waste. She uses rehab and mental institutions like her own personal vacation spas! When life gets too hard for her she fakes a suicide attempt or a booze binge and gets locked up so she doesn’t have to face day to day life. It’s not bad enough she ruined my life, destroyed the relationship with the person I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with, she also destroyed my son’s life. While I was off at work, she would come over and jump into my boyfriend’s bed. OUR BED!!! The more a girl loves a man, the more it gets her off to actually get him. She knew how much I loved this man, knew I adored him and it made it that much sweeter for her! She’s a master manipulator, knows exactly what to say, exactly what these losers want to hear, and she’s as easy as the day is long so that helps as well! I found out when I came home and told him I was pregnant. He confessed everything and begged for forgiveness. I gave him a second chance for our baby’s sake. Our son was born with major congenital birth defects due to the fact that this woman is not only a whore, but a walking STD and didn’t even have the decency to tell my boyfriend before he slept with her! The least she could have done was have him wear a condom, she knows she’s diseased! My loser boyfriend walked not long after our son was born, he could not take the guilt or the shame of having brought a child into this world who’s everyday life is a struggle and always will be simply because his daddy couldn’t keep his parts in his pants and dipped his stick into a well of decay, disgust, and disease! Good riddance, we don’t need him anyway! Not long after he left, I ran into this whore in the store and she actually had the balls to ask how we were doing and to say she understood how hard it was to be a single mom! If I had not been holding my son I would have beat the crap out of this ugly, sorry excuse for a human being! I decided it was best for everyone if I took my son and moved as far away as possible from this nasty tramp! She has not stopped with us though. She has done this type of garbage since high school and according to friends she has kept right on doing her nasty deeds. She got busted not long ago on our high school alumni site for sleeping with some jack ass we went to school with who was married with kids. As a matter of fact, her youngest daughter’s daddy was married with 3 babies of his own when she sunk her talons into him! She takes responsibility for nothing, blames everything on everyone but herself. The men are just as bad as she is, but those babies and the women she has destroyed did nothing to deserve what she dishes out repeatedly! She is ugly inside and out and needs to be stopped! Women like this deserve to be in jail. Hopefully her two girls will not grow up to be like her! I pray you post my story, and I pray that it helps stop her from hurting anyone else!

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  1. Theresa Mariellus // September 25, 2014 at 10:36 pm // Reply

    Ewww, what an awful and horrible excuse for a human being Kellee Cooper is! I’m so sorry for you & your baby. Keep your head up honey that loser wasn’t worth your time and deserves to live life filled with tramps like this Cooper BITCH!

  2. Arianna Kirtchfield // November 19, 2014 at 1:40 am // Reply

    This lowlife piece of trash is ALL OVER the internet! I cannot believe a nasty skank like her is allowed to run around just sharing STD’s with stupid men! Have you seen her pictures? She looks like a freaking gargoyle!!! Nasty, just so damn nasty! Kellee Cooper, you will get what you deserve eventually you dumb whore!

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