Justin D Shankle gives women genitle Herpes

Justin Shankle infected me with Herpes one night and never would speak to me again for me to confront him .
I wasn’t sexually active with anyone for over a year before and haven’t been since . I hired an investigator to find him since he blocked me . Since then I have found 2 women he’s infected and we’re forming a lawsuit against him. He was working in Texas when we met but another woman was infected by him living in south Louisiana . He’s manipulative and dangerous . He works in the oil field and could be anywhere . He’s originally from Louisiana and he’s about 40 years old . He’s said to be married and we don’t know if his wife has it or not or even knows what he’s doing . Save yourself and stay away from this guy . He’s a real piece of selfish crap . He needs to be taken down . Nothing

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