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  1. Aidan, im guessing this must be the guttless two minute wonder that jorden successfully tossed to the curb… #bestdecisionever.  You need to get a life you know that Jorden does not have chlamydia or hepatitis C, the only STD she has is enough self-respect to dump your sorry ass. Between this and emailing revenge porn to her friends, family and anyone you can find, I wonder why she doesnt want to be with you.. oh thats right because your not a real man. Because a real man would accept he was dumped and not send revenge porn which reminds me you know there is a law against it right and also about making defamatory internet posts.  Would you like me to call you a wambulance… dont be sad no women will ever touch you… your hand will never turn you down.

    • Whoever posted this can you please stop! I moved on with my life and I’m happy! I never posted this nor sent any images to anyone!

      Me and jorden were never officially together and never will be and I’m happy knowing this. No hard feelings on my side and never will be towards Jorden.

      Rather then assume everything just ask! Solves alot of issues from happening and I would of stopped all of this before it got this far

      I’ve spoken with the police

  2. I caught chlamydia from this women! Stear clear fellas!

  3. This chick has pictures posted all over the net! Check her out on https://imgur.com/a/TRuC0fj

  4. It is illegal to falsely accuse someone of a crime that they did not commit. It is a form of fear mongering and can cause damage to the person it is being aimed at. I am reporting this and the comment left by “everyone” to the appropriate authorities. What you said is belittling and is defamation of character. Good day to you “tara”.

  5. Jorden’s support network // July 20, 2018 at 4:14 pm // Reply

    Hi nick unless you renamed your hand Jorden this is bullshit as Jorden can prove she std free….but funny an std you can treat… being a pathetic, spineless human being who puts up posts just because she chose to end a relationship and doesn’t have the integrity to say it to her face, a coward, trash and at the end of the day someone we all pity. Those who know and love Jorden stand behind her 100 percent. And this site…. shame on you for allowing this defamatory post to stay up as her support network are co operating with the qld authorities. Nick I truely catch something, it’s called a conscious. ✌️

  6. Okay I’m over this and having my name dragged back into this. I have done nothing other then what jorden asked me to do which was give her space.
    I didn’t post this or send anything to anyone!

    I will present my phone to anyone including the police to prove i didn’t! And there is shit on my phone I Doubt jorden would like them seeing! Like certain messages she might of forgot sending me, just because you block me doesn’t mean the messages are deleted.
    My hands are tied and i have no choice but to have my side heard.
    Why didn’t you just ask me rather then assume everything all the time.

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