Johnny holan

He is a liar a cheater and he uses women for money when he is out if work. He is from Bangor North wales and is currently dating a married woman with small kids, as well as one if his ex’s. There are probably more he is seeing too. Has an Std from what I hear

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  1. Totaly unfounded comments. Maybe Kirstie jones can post her test results ? ?
    I seriously doubt that as it’s untrue
    Please remove comment as it is untrue and a serious slur on character.
    I will be Seeking legal advice on this

  2. Due to european law this post is untrue and slander
    Please remove ASAP
    You should check things are true before letting
    Any old speed freak / alcoholic write slanderous posts

  3. Also. I have no std but if I had, it would have come from Kirstie Jones or Kirstie Sinkinson which she is also known as.

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