John Andre Francois

I started dating this man in August 2003. Shortly after I was experiencing what I thought were very itchy yeast infections. He tells me that maybe I had Herpes and that I should go get checked. I go get checked. Sure enough I’m diagnosed with Herpes 2. I thought that my ex husband probably gave it to me, because Andre didn’t disclose that he had it. We carried on a sexual relationship for 8 years. One time he initiated sex and I told him that I might be having an outbreak, and he continued to have sex. I have since found out that he carried on 2 other relationships during the duration of ours. Both those woman contracted Herpes and HPV, he never disclosed to them that he was infected or had been in a relationship with someone that had it. I also found out that a woman that he was involved with prior to me, called and told him she had herpes. I’ve also found out that he’s been having unprotected sex with multiple women the entire time of knowing him. I called to see if he could be reported and find out if he could be held accountable for his actions only to be told that NV does not charge these type of people. Its a disgrace, that he’s permitted to run around ruining lives. He’s also been on various dating sites. Women should be warned! By the way he is bald! and this site does not give that option.

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  1. Can you tell me where’s he’s from or something about his background so I know if I’m seeing the same guy or not as it seems to be a fairly common name

    • Hun. It’s not a common name. He has a barbed wire(or maybe it’s thorns) tattoo his bicep. He has a scar on top of his head. Same guy I’ve been seeing…. not a happy person right now.

  2. Former LA police officer, has a pilots license, private investigator last I heard. I dated him in 2010.. Same story. Same experience. Grateful to now to know where it came from. Are we allowed to post photos? I’ve got lots. And is there anything we can do legally about this I’ve already had one scare with bad cells for cervical cancer, he has got to be stopped. I’m furious.

    • Yes, you may attach images. Just click on the Browse button under “Select an image for your comment (GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG)”. No nude or pornographic images please.

  3. How do I contact the admin via email directly for a private matter?

    Thank you.

  4. :/ Be careful, ladies

  5. and another

  6. whydoesitmatter? // May 16, 2015 at 7:40 am // Reply

    I knew that guy a long time ago. Peez ov zhit of a man. Had no conscious (even before the brain tumor). Some day karma will get him. Sorry to hear he’s still playing the same games as he did as a youngster. Something wasn’t quite right with him. What a waste of life.

  7. All of this information is so false. I wonder if these women posting these comments are the same ones sued for slander, breaking and entering, and had restraining orders on them. It’s a shame they are allowed to post lies and get away with it.

  8. I know for a fact if women are posting this crap that it’s out of spite. I read about the two women that filed false restraining orders, both orders were thrown out of court (I was there) because they made up lies, both were the subjects of police reports for breaking into his home, and both have very sorted sexual backgrounds on sex sites and visits to swingers clubs. The crazies called me and tried to get me to lie on him. I have known John for years and I know about the warrant for Laurel Ler, she admitted that she lied in court and How Christine Johnson lied in court and about being involved in the break in and then filed Bankruptcy to avoid paying when she was sued. I don’t know who the chick is that claims John told her she should get checked, maybe it was because she had an itchy pussy. I SAW THE CONFESSION THAT WAS WRITTEN. Anyone that has sex may catch something. Did any of you ever think that any of your pass sexual partners could have given you herpes. Any virgins out there that never had sex prior to John? Any of you ever count how many men you had sex with prior? I had to laugh when I opened this page and the first thing it states is there is no verification of any post or info on this. I can post anything about anyone I want. In fact I think I will post one about my asshole ex-husband who cheated on me and gave me depression, and my last boyfriend who left me for a crazy bitch that he will leave one day. I assume all of you are adults and had sex as adults. If you want to do something stop spreading your legs and blaming men for your decisions. Bitches like you are the reason men don’t respect women


  9. I did some in depth checking and this is something every woman should read, But be warned it might be shocking!


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