Jim Ong / Jimmy Ong – NYC, NJ, CT – Forest hills, Cliffside, Norwalk

He’s been married for 2 years but will deny it. A compulsive liar. He works as a IT contractor with sporadic consultant hours but dubs himself as an engineer. He was living with his girlfriend in NJ once a week and would go home once in a while saying he worked nights. All the whilst, chatting with other girls on dating sites. His car is under the girlfriends name and he owes her alot of money. He will lie to you and sweet talk you into believing he was left behind by his wife and in the process of a divorce. He will show you the divorce papers without ever serving it. He scams and cheats you after he has baited you into believing he has never felt this with anyone else. The sad truth is he said that to everyone he was chasing. Also – he’s tested positive.

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  1. He goes by the following alias:
    Jim Ong nyc
    Jimmy Ong nyc
    Jim Ong Cliffside, NJ
    Jim Ong Norwalk, CT
    Jim Ong Forest Hills, NY – He is a liar & cheater. He has all these addresses b/c he charms his way into living with these girls. He lied to me even when I asked him repetitively about his sexual history. I am now positive. He ruined my life.

  2. Been there done that // August 29, 2015 at 4:56 pm // Reply

    we should fix him up with Lauren Smeke two peas in a pod and she lives in NY

    She’s the female incarnate of him …. My heart goes out to you

  3. life ruined in philly // September 8, 2015 at 3:52 am // Reply

    Jimmy Ong has a family in Philly! We are expecting our first child together. He explained, his job requires him to be mobile hence his short-term addresses. I was just informed of this site by one of his gf’s he used. I’m devastated. He is a liar & cheater. Going to run further tests for my childs sake.

  4. He lied about living in Hoboken, NJ. Found out, he’s living with a girl in midtown all the whilst sleeping with me. I tested positive. Asshole!

    FYI- wasn’t worth it. He’s compensating, small dick.

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