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  1. Karen Clark // March 8, 2012 at 12:09 am // Reply

    Thats what people dont understand getting a std is more than just taking a pill and getting rid of it. Some people end up where they cant have childern because of this and its not there fault.

  2. Jim Nesvold is bad news, bought some ” hot ” merchandise from him. Heard the bragging story about him sending his wife’s ex to jail. Sorry dude

  3. Jimmy Nesvold is scum worked with him and your ex. It was disgusting the way they acted. Met after work, before work for at least 2 years before she left you. Just be glad she is gone. Sorry about your kids tho. Jimmy’s kids won’t have any thing to do with him. I ask his son how he was doing a while back and his reply was don’t know and don’t care. Hope you get your kids back soon

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