JAY BENTON, Alabama – STD Carrier – Spreads STD’s Unprotected SEX

Beware of Jay Benton the Herpes,genial warts, chlamydia carrier – SWINDLER – Sex Pervert /!! He is a sociopath that can not stop bragging about his penis that was infected with syphilis and gonorrehea before. Jay Benton what he is going to do to others, tells how many houses he owns – lies – he stole those houses from his 4 past wives. He has unprotected sex – does not care if he spreads his diseases – THEN his line is ” NOW YOU ARE MINE ” Jay Benton is a pervert – He shares Sex with his 32 old son Josh Benton’s whores. Jay Benton continues to support 32 year old son – gives him money – pay his bills and they both will swindle you out of every penny you have.
Both of these disease carriers will play on you pity with their lies.

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