Jason “Tucson STD Tweaker” Martin

This guy Jason is a total liar,thief and loser. He’s got the warts and sores diseases,but that’s seemingly almost everwhere now. But he will have Sex with you and then tell you after he has had you in every different position without a condom and with all your juices all over each other,it’s almost like he wants to fuck a person up as bad as he was fucked up,when he has outbreaks the Herpes are all over his mouth in both corners,all over the base of his penis and totally encircling his anus,and he’s got a friend that he wants you to also have sex with and to have sex in front of him,people this guy is a whacks who was molested and ass raped and infected with STI and now he’s on a mission,and the kicker is that he will find you on social media like nothing happened. Stay away from this cock biter.

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