Jared Craven “Arizona Tweaker with AIDS”

Jared Craven is an 805 check-in who caught AIDS having sex with black inmates at Arizona State Prison Complex Tucson. Now hesout and he is dating any woman stupid enough to buy his bull shit about how tough he is and how he is one of the bosses of the “Peckerwoods” whites in prison. This guy is 100% bull shit. He got his teeth knocked out for stealing and lying about money he owed for drugs to other races. After that he told on a bunch of people and worked with police to get people longer sentences after which they withdrew him to a protective custody yard,while there Jared caught the old jungle fever as bottom boy to at least two different black buck youngsters,they pumped his ass and mouth all day long behind a sheet hung up over the door while a third one kept watch. He had HPV and Herpes when I knew him,now he’s got Hep C and full blown aids. Good riddance.

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